This is how the largest real estate fraud and money laundering case in Algeria was revealed by investigative journalist BOUSSADIA SABIR.

Algeria is considered one of the most expensive countries in the world in the field of real estate of all kinds, which led to the emergence of gangs of obscene wealth and strong influence, especially during the previous regime, which provided him with a good environment for his growth. 

At the beginning of 2021, Mr. Sabir had a call  from an old friend to help him, who was offered a military offer, a real estate offer of about 1.5 million dollars, by buying him a hotel.

he started working day and night for about 6 months.

The collection of evidence, documents and documents was surprising and very dangerous. financial institutions

Their work plan was tight and everyone who played the role entrusted to him and they are notaries, brokers, owners of real estate agencies, brokers and money-laundering groups. Or editing a disposal agency, to then dispose of the property and sell it to their partners in fraud, and after collecting a number of victims, evidence and legal documents, I contacted the Algerian Al-Salam channel and Al-Hadhab TV and presented the case to the public opinion, which led to the judicial and security authorities moving to open investigations This led to the deposit of a notary, brokers and owners of a real estate agency, temporary imprisonment, the escape of some of the accused, and the appearance of many victims.

This strong response by the authorities is a message that no one is above the law within what is known as the new republic. Finally, this investigative journalistic work had a major role in helping citizens and protecting the homeland despite the serious threats that reached the point of murder, judicial follow-up and fabrication of charges.

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